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We should all encourage children to read!

Publishers and Authors Make me An Offer Here on 66 Children's Stories!

I selling 66 short children's stories. I have had these published on Amazon from 2015 and the last one published was 2018. I have many more books published and a few are doing alright but I don't have time or money to promote them so I'm selling 66 short children's stories in 6 books in all. These stories are not illustrated and this is why they are not doing so well. If I would illustrate them all it would cost me thousands of dollars that I don't have. I would like to get these stories in the hands of someone that can illustrate them and sell them. I'm looking for offers for all 66 stories and a 5% royalty. I'm open to offers but I want a percentage of royalties on all 66 stories. You can read these stories on Amazon now because I just started 5 of these books for free to read on Amazon now, but 1 is not free. The Book covers are below. You will get all covers and open office documents with all stories. these stories are all proof ready. I also may sell my illustrated books, I have 10 illustrated books on Amazon now. The illustrated books are in the rotators below...

A Christmas Story  20 Little Ways  Disneyland Vacation

Books Are Magic Selling On Amazon Now Im A Story On Amazon Now Story Teller On Amazon Now Sticky and friends On Amazon Now Book Of Stories On Amazon Now Story Book On Amazon Now

The Illustrated Books That I May sale Are In The Rotators Below!

The New Coloring Activity Ebook
Coloring Ebooks Page

Scene Maker Coloring Ebook Colorful Dinky The Coloring Ebook The Coloring Ebook The Coloring Ebook 2 Easter The Coloring Ebook 3 St Patrick's Day The Coloring Ebook 4 Flowers

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